Custom Propellers by S&S Propeller

Katapult Series (4 blade)
Engineered expressly for the Sportfish market. This propeller design offers minimum slip for high efficiency.
51' Riveria Equipped with a 4 Blade Katpult Propeller
Low cavitation and vibration levels enhance overall performance.
Wide blade design incorporated with high camber provide utmost engine efficiency, thus increasing speed throughout the range.
Katapult Series (Five Blade)
The five blade Katapult propeller design was developed for Sport Fish and Express Cruiser applications with large reduction gear and limited clearance allowances.
Paul Mann equipped with a 5 blade Katpult propeller
The five blade design will enhance acceleration and deliver ultrasmooth operation under way. The increased Diameter Area Ratio of this prop also enhances cruise speed at a lower rpm range.
Diameter: 22" to 44 "
Construction Material: Nibral

Hi Skew Series 5 blade KatSkew.
3 & 4 blade also available.
KatSkew Series
Designed to eliminate turbulance.
105' Nordlund equipped with a Hi Skew Series propeller
Camber is added to the trailing edges which lowers slippage and results in engine efficiency.  This design is excellent for tunnel and high-performance applications requiring camber plus skew for a quick and quiet ride.
Available in three, four and five blades
Diameter: 26" to 50 "
Construction Material: Nibral

Hi Skew Series 5 blade HiSkew.
4 blade also available.
HiSkew Series
Designed for motor yachts exceeding 45 tons.
105' Nordlund equipped with a Hi Skew Series propeller
The slightly cambered leading edges of this propeller, with 20 degrees of skew, alleviate prop noise and vibration. This, therefore, enhances engine & fuel efficiency resulting in better overall performance.
Patterns are custom crafted to specifications
Blade area ratios range from 87% to 125% depending on application.
Available in four and five blades
Diameter: 38" to 75"
Construction Material: Nibral

Ultra Foil Series
Originally developed for vessels with tunnels, however these props have proven to perform on most hull configurations. Performance is excellent at cruise speed, due to the pitch configuration on trailing edges.
118' Millennium equipped with an Ultra Foil propeller
We recommend using the foil design for vessels from 48 feet through 85 foot yachts and from 85 foot through 120 foot with high horse power ratings.
Diameter: 28" to 44"
Construction Material: Nibral

Hi Skew 4 blade Ultra Crew
3 & 5 blade also available.
Ultra Crew Series
Expressly designed for Supply Vessels and Crew Boats.
United States Coast Guard
Its rugged construction gives the propeller durability, which cuts extensive downtime. The progressive pitch design maximizes performance, thus delivering excellent efficiency.
May be cast in 3, 4 or 5 blade configuration.
Diameter: 28" to 52 "
Construction Material: Nibral

Hyrdo Thrust Series 3 blade Hydro Thrust
4 & 5 also available.
Hydro Thrust Series
Designed for Workboats, Tugboats, Commercial Fishing Boats and various Displacement Vessels.
New York Fire Department
Can be cast in 3, 4 or 5 blade configurations. DAR is available from .50 to .80, depending on application.
Diameter: 32" to 92"
Construction Material: Nibral

Kaplan Series
Designed for Offshore Vessels, Tugboats and Trawlers with Nozzle Setups.
Tug Boat equipped with Kaplan Series Propeller
This propeller's design features heavy construction and modified leading edges that increase engine efficiency. DAR is available from .50 to .83, depending on number of blades.
Diameter: 34" to 80"
Construction Material: Nibral

Hirake Propeller4 blade Hi Rake
5 & 6 blade also available.
Hi Rake Series
Designed for high speed applications.
Tunnel and stepped hull designs, as well as surface drive applications are perfect
candidates for this style wheel.
Tug Boat equipped with Kaplan Series Propeller
The cupped, cambered design of this propeller helps alleviate air and cavitation that occur with special applications.
Exclusively designed for Express Cruisers, Ferries and Sportfish Vessels ranging from 40' to 80' in length.
Available in four, five and six blades.
Diameter: 26 " to 40"
Construction Material: Nibral

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